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From Principal's Desk:

From Principal's Desk:

Principal Amrutvahini College of Pharmacy

Modem medicines are very powerful and have a great potential for relieving suffering and curing disease, but also for misuse and inducing dangerous side effects.

The pharmacist is the focus for all strands of knowledge which support the rational and safe use of medicines. This is reflected in the professional aspects of pharmacy which have a commitment to people as patients or as clients and to their well being.

Practising pharmacists are part of the health care team along with doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, dieticians & others. This is all summed up by the modem concept of pharmaceutical care.Pharmacists now are encouraged to counsel patients in correct use of medicines and to provide advice on the treatment of minor ailments and to promote good health. The pharmacist is the most accessible health care professional.

The Indian pharmaceutical industry is very successful and vital to the economy of the nation as well as its health. It is the largest export industry and one of the largest employers of scientists. It has a very high level of investment in research and Development with many of the world's must heavily prescribed medicines being Indian products.

The industry offers many opportunities for pharmaceutics in fields as pure and applied research, product development, sales and marketing.

There is a strong emphasis on the application of pharmaceutical sciences of professional practice through seminars, tutorials and topic teaching weeks. In this way the student is provided with a sound scientific knowledge base evaluate the design, formulation and use of effective medicines and to recognize the legal, social and ethical constraints on their use.

Dr. M.P. Shirbhate (M.Pharm, Ph.D.)

Principal, Amrutvahini Institute Of Pharmacy